Breaking vlad (Channel surfing) is the practice of quickly scanning through different television channels or radio frequencies.


* There will be two rounds

*In the 1st round the participants have to  act accordingly to the channel  given to them

* The performance should be of Three minutes  on the stage

*The channel given to them will be changed frequently At  each 30sec

* After the 1st round only Five teams will be selected

*In the 2nd round same procedure will be followed With some new innovative ideas

*the rules for the other rounds will be explained after the 1st round  is over

*Among the five team top three will be selected

 *prizes will be distributed at the end of the day


* All the participants must have their College id card

*Using mobile phone during performance is not allowed

*Participants should  have their entry pass to take part

*Each team should  have 3-6members

*Using  offensive words in prohibited

*Participants should  use either English or tami language though out the performance  ..

*The decision of the judge is final.


Aravind Karuppiah – 3rd year

 Harith Bharadwaaj – 3rd year

 Monika – 3rd year

 Monisha – 2nd year

 Pranav- 2nd year



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