Accept the challenge so that u can feel the exhilaration of victory!!! This event helps you to master your skills with construction materials through a series of challenges with lots of fun and team work. Gear up yourself for the most challenging event.


  1. Only 2-3 members are allowed to be in a team 
  2.  2 life lines will be given (only at stage 3) 
  3.  50-50 (2 options will be eliminated) 
  4.  Google it (only 30 sec will be given to Google) 
  5.  Everyone must bring their college ID cards. 
  6.  Must maintain time. 
  7.  Judge’s decision is final 

Round 1

• According to the number of entries number of preliminary rounds will be conducted. Each team will be facing one preliminary round. 

• Only 15 questions for each round will be asked one with highest correct answers will be selected. Questions will be asked commonly to all teams 

• Only first team that gives correct answer will grab points. 

• Questions can be from basic civil subjects or from general knowledge, sports, science, history, current affairs. 



Round 2

• According to the number of teams available the no of teams will be divided into 2. 

• In this round you will be answering 12 questions in which you can match the answers with the images displayed or answer with the help of the images. 

• This round is a buzzer round. 

• Only one highest scoring team from each round will be selected. 

Round 3


• A box will be drawn and will be divided into 9 segments a car will be placed at the 5th segment. 

• When a team answers a correct answer the car starts moving towards that team. 

• Questions for each team will be asked separately if a team fails to answer correctly that question will be passed to opposite team and if that team answers the question the respective team will get 2 points i.e. the car will be moving towards them for two times. 

• The team consecutively answering 5 questions correctly will be winning when other team fails to answer even 1 

• If the car remains at the center at the end of 15 questions, there will be another question with buzzer.


Mr .J. Madhan Kumar 

Mr .R. Bharath Raja 

Mr .S. Sakthivel 



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