Break and flee


Escape from the Mystery and be in Ecstasy.


  1. All participants must follow proper dress code.
  2. all participants must have their college ID Card.
  3. A team should consists of 2-4 members.
  4. The usage of electronic items like mobile phones,  calculators are prohibited during the events.

Round 1

This is a selection round.

Each team will face a preliminary round in which they will solve 15 puzzles and riddles.

Teams with highest correct answer based on the given time will be selected to the next round.

Questions will be from basic maths and aptitude.


Round 2:

In each team one of your team mate will be handcuffed.

Each team will be provided 20 minutes in which the other team mates will the puzzles to find the key number.

now select your key and unlock your team mate.

Teams which unlock their team mate first within the given time will be selected to the final round.

Round 3

This is final round.

Each team will be handcuffed along with their team mates in a locked room.

The team must find all the clues to solve a murder case.

the clues will be hidden inside the locked room.

The one team which find all the clues and escapes from the room within 25 minutes will be the winner.




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