Accept the challenge so that u can feel the exhilaration of victory!!! This event helps you to master your skills with construction materials through a series of challenges with lots of fun and team work. Gear up yourself for the most challenging event.


  1. Decent professional dress code should be maintained.
  2. Each team should contain maximum of 2 members.
  3. Time should be maintained.
  4. Use of electronic devices during the event is restricted
  5. The participants have to bring their college ID cards.
  6. Judges decision is final.
Exciting cash prizes will be awarded.

Round 1:(Clevermind Challenge)​

A variety of materials will be displayed. The contestants are allowed to observe them for 2 minutes. After observing the materials, a time of 2 minutes will be given to list out the viewed materials. The teams which recall the maximum number of materials will qualify for the second round.


Round 2:(Blindfold challenge)

One contestant from each team is eligible for this round. The contestant should identify the materials placed with their eyes blindfolded. The teams which recognize the maximum number of materials will qualify for the final round.

Round 3:(Rapid fire round)

The teams that qualify for the final round should pass through the rapid fire quiz. The contestants should identify the materials according to the clues given. The teams which consume more time than the specified time limit will be eliminated. The last team which survives the round wins the contest.




Priyanka .K – 3rd year

Vasantha Kumar. V – 3rd year

Gowtham Raj. R – 3rd year

Vamsi.N – 3rd year

Mohet raj. S – 2nd year

Vengadesh. V – 2nd year



Vasantha Kumar. V (8870439766)

For further information and queries.