First time in the history of artifex, the surveying event has stepped its foot in.

Here you will be working as a team as a planning engineer and a surveyor. Here you will expect the unexpected with some twist and turn.

To take part in this event, make yourself ready and Register asap!


  1. Everyone should bring their college ID cards.

  2. Time should be maintained.

  3. Use of electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited.

  4. Misbehaving with the volunteer or seeking help from outside the team may result in team disqualification.

  5. Instruments and equipment must be handled with care.

  6. Judges decisions are final.

Round 1

In this round you will be given the dimensions for a building with a twist. You need to solve the twist and draw a RCC building plan with perfection. The best 6 plans will be selected

Round 2

The selected teams are asked to plot the outline of their plan which they have planned in the first round on ground with column position. The best 4 teams will be selected

Round 3

Curious to know about this round???….Do come and  have a look then!


Bharath Vazhvarasan – 3rd year

Hari Haran – 3rd year

Vigneshwaran – 3rd year

Vinyagamoorthy – 3rd year

Pravok Hirdesh – 3rd year

Siva – 2nd year

Sarvesh – 2nd year

Tilak Rohit – 2nd year




Bharath Vazhvarasan (+91 97103 03258) 

For further information and queries.